Recioto della Valpolicella Classico DOCG

Recioto della Valpolicella Classico DOCG 2015

Recioto is the most authentic typical wine of Valpolicella area. Its name comes from the “recie”, the upper part of bunches which were dried to produce this wine. They are the most suitable to produce Recioto, because they are sugary and fruits are not too cloe to each other, so that the air can better flow in between during the drying process.

During the harvest, only the best bunches are selected for the drying process. The grapes are placed in wooden trays and dried for at least 4 months. This concentrates the sugars and allows the development of new flavours, which can be produced just through this drying process.

At the end of this process, the grapes are pressed and the must so produced starts its fermentation into steel tanks. Once 2/3 of the fermentation is completed, we separate wine from grape skins. The wine starts the refinement, which is carried out for 2-3 years in steel tanks before being bottled.

Wine Characteristics

The drought of summer 2015 didn’t affect negatively the maturation of grapes.
The hints of mature grapes are matched to a nice acitidy; at the end of tasting, the sweetness of wine leaves the mouth clean.
This Recioto vintage is extremely versatile: thanks to these characteristics, it is possible to pair this wine to risotto, fat meats and blue- and fat- cheese. Its perfect pair tough is with dry desserts (biscuits, shortbread, etc.).

Pressing date: 19th January 2016

Maceration on skins: 18 days

Sulphur Dioxide and/or ascorbic acid: Sulphur Dioxide 5 g/hl
on must, no ascorbic acid.

Use of selected yeasts: No

Stabilization Process: static, spontaneous

Filtering: no

Clarification: no

Refinement in steel: 42 months

Refinement in bottle: min. 1 month.

Corrections: no

Wine yield from grapes (%): 40%

Bottle type: Bordelaise expo

Cork type: natural cork

Certifications: organic wine

Soil: Clay, chalky and very rocky soil.

Exposure: midday-evenings

Altitude: 300 m.

Vine variety: Corvina 40%, Corvinone 30%, Rodinella 25%, Molinara, Cabernet, Croatina

Type of farming: Pergola of Verona

Vine age: 3-40 years

Plant density (plant/ha): 3500-4000

Production vine (kg/plant): 2-2,5 kg

Production per hectare (kg/ha): 8,000-10,000

Treatment: copper e sulphur, sexual confusion

Fertilizer: manure every 3-5 years, according to the need.

Harvest: 11th-30th September 2015

Harvest Method: manual, in wooden trays

Drying Process (duration): 121 days

Use of purchased grapes: no

Certification: organic agriculture.

Alcohol content: 15,6 %vol

Total acidity / volatile acidity (g/l): 7,7 / 0,98

Dry Extract: 63,9

Total sulphur dioxide: 31 mg/l

Residual sugar: 55,2 g/l