Passito Bianco del Veneto IGT

Passito Bianco del Veneto IGT 2014

This is the wine which bette represents the history of our family. Sante, (born in 1908) was famous in our village for his white passito. Nowadays, his son Gigi and his grandson Francesco (born in 1990) are still producing it.
Grandfather and grandson never had the opportunity to work together in the winery. Nevertheless, one of the oldest women in the village once tasted the white passito produced by Francesco, and said: “This wine tastes exactly like the one Sante used to make!”.
This fact made us really proud, because it demonstates that in our family the tradition and style of making wine has been preserved through the years, and through generations.

Wine Characteristics

The 2014 vintage was distinguished by frequent rainfalls, but fortunately more dry from the end of August up to the end of harvest. In this month and half of warm weather the grapes completed the maturation: the grapes were turgid and therefore optimal for the drying process.

Suggested pairings for this wine are cheese or dry desserts.

Pressing date: 2nd February 2015

Maceration on skins: 10 days (half of fermentation process)

Sulphur Dioxide and/or ascorbic acid: Sulphur Dioxide 5 g/hl
on must, no ascorbic acid.

Use of selected yeasts: No

Stabilization Process: static, spontaneous

Filtering: no

Clarification: no

Refinement in steel: 4 years

Refinement in bottle: min. 1 month.

Corrections: no

Wine yield from grapes (%): 28%

Bottle type: Burgundy

Cork type: natural cork

Certifications: organic wine

Soil: Clay, chalky and very rocky soil.

Exposure: midday-evenings

Altitude: 300 m.

Vine variety: Garganega 75%, Malvasia 25%

Type of farming: Pergola of Verona

Vine age: 40 years

Plant density (plant/ha): 3000

Production vine (kg/plant): 2,5-3 kg

Production per hectare (kg/ha): 8,000-10,000

Treatment: copper e sulphur, sexual confusion

Fertilizer: manure every 3-5 years, according to the need.

Harvest: 17th September – 7th October 2014

Harvest Method: manual, in wooden trays

Drying Process (duration): 128 days

Use of purchased grapes: no

Certification: organic agriculture.

Alcohol content: 15 %vol

Total acidity / volatile acidity (g/l): 6,30 / 0,79

Total sulphur dioxide: 30 mg/l

Residual sugar: 100 g/l